All Things Derby

New to derby? Fan? Skater? Inquiring web surfer? Here are some links to get you started.

Old Capitol City Roller Girls
My team! Love us! Like us on facebook! Follow us @OCCRG on twitter! Come to our bouts and show you're support.

This is the international governing body of women's flat track derby. They post rankings, scores, affiliated leagues, news, etc. Here you can also find the latest version of the rules, minimum skill requirements for skaters, and lots of other valuable information.

Derby News Network is the top source for derby news! They also share live feeds of bouts, do textcasts or have chats during playoff season. And it's all FREE! (Please donate!)

Roller Derby Names
Two evils is the master list of registered derby names. You can enter your name to see if it is original, or just scroll through for a laugh.

Derby Deeds Podcast
Awesome, hour long discussions about roller derby with many influential skaters and people involved in the derby world.

Derby Life
Five on Five meets DNN. Tons of skater written articles, pictures, videos.. a derby fanatic's fix.

Laid Out Clothing
Owned by A Few Screws Lucy and Kentucky Pain (my fellow skaters!). They have some AWESOME designs and clothes that fit real girls. They have stellar leg warmers and all the models are local derby girls.

Sin City Skates
Born in Las Vegas, this has become a derby girl's online best friend for all things gear. They have a HUGE variety of everything and will answer lots of questions! They also offer newbie packages for the skater who needs everything.

Wicked Skatewear
Based out of Huntington Beach, CA, it is also great online store for derby apparel and gear. A definite must for personalized hot pants.

Fast Girl Skates
Skater run and operated by some Rat City gals, with the first physical brick and mortar roller derby shop located in Seattle, WA. Highly educated and specialized to give you the perfect fit skate with everything else you would want.

Five Strides Skate Shop
New York's only full service roller derby shop, ran by some of your favorite Gotham Girls. The usual laundry list of gear and accessories you need, along with their cool logo on some apparel.

Atom Wheels
Atom wheels and gear owned by your favorite speed skater, Atomatrix.

Derby Supply
Derby gear by Pitchit!

Pivot Star
Alternative athletic apparel, meaning the hottest hot pants. They also specialize in derby uniforms. Owned by English girl Luludemon who skates for Terminal City Rollergirls out of Vancouver, Canada.

Derby Skinz

Iron Doll Clothing
Fashion student turned derby girl, Iron Maiven creates awesome derby uniforms for your league!

Flat Track Revolution
Join the revolution.

Derby 4 All
Based out of Minneapolis and run by skaters, D4A has a goal to get skaters gear at a reasonable price.

A newer site geared towards news and gear reviews that will be helpful for a newer skater.

Every Bunny Loves Derby
Hilarious blog by Bunny Low Browski from the Circle City Derby Girls. She provides valuable lessons she has learned by exerience, and is the owner of Hellbent Helmets with Beattie Sedgwick.

You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me Lose Wheel
Elektra Q-tion's opinons about life, art and derby. Usually good for a laugh. Updates often. 

There are many for this and provide hours of entertainment so I shall list them.
The .GIF of Derby
God's .GIF to Roller Derby
.GIF it to me
Roller Furby
Derby Ref
Fuck Yeah Roller Derby NSO
This is Roller Derby
Fuck Yeah Derby Gifs
Derby Girl Problems

Windy Man
Sports fanatic turned derby fan, Windy Man is a very opinionated, thorough writer who blogs about what's wrong with roller derby.

The name says it all.

All Derby Drills
A wide compilation of drills, detailed and labeled for your enjoyment! Open to submissions.

The All Knowing Derbytron
The Derbytron knows all...

Derbygirls Blog
Atom wheel giveaways and guest bloggers, this one's got it all.

The Road to Rollergirl
A wannabe turn rollergirl, and her perspective as a newbie.

Sewn together by Dreadnought, a skater for the Boston Derby Dames, and squares contributed by anyone in derbyland.

Click the video tab at the top for my own derby vids! 

Awesome video editor of derby amazingness. Check out his YouTube channel.

Brutal Beauty - Tales of the Rose City Rollers
This derby doc follows the Rose City Rollers of Portland, OR.

Roller Derby Workout
The Heart Attacks from the Angel City Derby Girls help make you look like a derby rock star! They also organize a post-holiday workout challenge!

Hell On Wheels
This documentary takes you deep in the heart of Texas to show you the beginning of the modern derby revival. If you think starting your league was tough, see these girls re-invent derby as we know it!

Watching this after Hell on Wheels makes the most sense, as it follows the Texas Lonestar Rollergirls through their daily lives. This short lived reality show aired in 2006 and started a bit cheesy, but developed into a engaging show revealing all the hard work that goes into maintaining a team.

Blood on the Flat Track
Released in 2007, this documentary follows the Rat City Rollergirls out of Seattle during their first two seasons as a league. It details their different home teams, the relationships among the girls and people involved, and all the bloody action that goes with it.

Roller Derby Chronicles
Blast from the past! Highlights from derby in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Plus a new documentary called Rolling Thunder.

Whip It
Directed by Drew Barrymore and based of the book Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, Whip It came out in 2009 featuring Ellen Page, Kristin Wiig, Juliette Lewis and some derby girls you may recognize.

Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby
Written by two veteran skaters, Kasey Bomber and Axles of Evil, this detailed book gives the history of roller derby to where it is today. It's full of little wonderful extras like interviews, advice, and explanations of all things derby. Everything someone new to derby needs to know.

Five on Five
The official magazine of WFTDA covering a range of topics from business to health and fitness. Very informative for the modern sport.

Blood and Thunder Magazine
Another great derby news and culture magazine that also hosts various derby bootcamps.

Going In Circles
Author, tv writer, screenwriter, actor, and derby girl, Pamela Ribon drew from her experience of enduring a divorce and finding roller derby. A sad insight to hitting bottom, and finding yourself again in a hard hitting sport. You can also enjoy her own blog.

Derby Girl
Written by Shauna Cross, and the basis for Whip It, this novel follows Bliss Cavendar finding herself in small town Texas. Through fights with her parents, her best friend and suffering heart break, roller derby helps Bliss, or Babe Ruthless find the strength to overcome life's dramas. Check out my review of it.

Knockdown Knits
30 awesome knit ideas by Toni Carr, aka Joan of Dark. Ice pack covers, hats, leg warmers, anything and everything you can think of for derby lovers.

Annual 'meeting of the wheels' in Las Vegas, Nevada, open to derby boys and girls of any skill or knowledge. It is five derby filled days with seminars, scrimmages, challenge bouts, crazy parties and just a great place to network and meet derby people from all over the globe.

WFTDA Championships
This year, WFTDA separated all member leagues into 3 Divisions. Division 2 takes the top 20 teams (40-60) and divides them into two playoff tournaments. The top 2 from each move onto decide the top four at the Divison 1 Championships. Four playoff tournaments are held for Division 1 teams (1-40) using an S-curve seeding and the top 3 from each go on to Championships for the Hydra.

Wild West Showdown
A weekend of sanctioned play hosted by the Slaughter County Roller Vixens out of Kitsap County, Washington. Held in March, a great way for teams to get a bunch of bouts in to put towards rankings, along with some pickup and co-ed, and men's bouts.

East Coast Derby Extravaganza
Also known as ECDX, the Philly Roller Girls started this even in 2007 and has become a very popular East Coast event for sanctioned play. Multiple tracks, leagues, challenge bouts and a pool make this weekend exciting and fun.

Midwest Brewhaha 
Hosted by the Brewcity Bruisers of Milwuakee, MI, this event of sanctioned play helps bring lots of leagues together for a competitive weekend of derby.

Battle on the Bank
Banked track's championship tournament.

March Radness
Held at the Doll Factory, this derby training camp has classes for both banked track and flat track roller derby led by well experienced skaters. It's held in... oh yeah, March.