Besides playing roller derby, I like to dabble in some video creations. Here is some of my recent work, and keep your eyes peeled for more here or on my YouTube Channel

For my BFA project in my final semester of college, I created a 20 minute documentary on roller derby and my team the Old Capitol City Roller Girls. It was an amazing experience and a lot of hard work. Filmed by myself, Tim Blood, and John Pemble. Edited by me with great advice by Sarah Kanouse and John Pemble. Music by Mannix! and North of Grand. Featuring: MY WONDERFUL TEAM.

Here are some other recent video pieces I've created or helped produced:

This summer I again helped John Pemble do video coverage of 80/35. This segment highlights the local Des Moines music scene through the bands Parlours and The River Monks. Filmed by John Pemble and myeslf. Interviewed and edited by John Pemble.

Girl talk is an interesting blend of experimental and accessible. Filmed by myself. Edited by John Pemble and myself. Interviewed by John Pemble.

Provocative lyrics and the Performing under the name Bitch, this artist was a highly anticipated artist at 80/35. Filmed by John Pemble and myself. Edited and interviewed by John Pemble. 

Highlight reel for Back in Black, our first bout of the season. Read the recap here. Filmed by Chris Jeffrey and Jason Smith. Edited by me.

Yale Cohn from Little Village Magazine talks to Liz Ford from the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. They recently were flooded from their downtown location and face difficulties in their temporary long term location until they can get to their new home. Filmed by me with Tackfu, edited by me, written by Yale. Featuring Liz Ford, Misha Goodman and plenty of cute pups and kittens.

At the 2010 WFTDA Championships, I observed an adverse reaction by the crowd against "slow derby." Here are a few thoughts on this topic. (Original post with supplemental text.) Filmed and edited by me. Featuring: Paul, John Maddening, Fast Bettie, Howie Swerve, Neuro Sis, and Fannysaurus Wrex.

I went to the Iowa State Fair with Little Village Magazine to see Leslie Hall perform, and then we hung out in her favorite room... filmed and edited by me, interviewed by both Kent Williams and John Pemble.

I mashed up footage from our Full Metal Derby bout (6/5/10 vs Stateline Derby Divas) to promote our Cirque Du Slam bout (8/21/10) vs the Lacross Skating Sirens. Video by Chris Jeffrey, edited my me, blurp of music by Dresden Dolls.

Avoid The Stork graciously hosted our "Rather Get Knocked Down than Knocked Up" bout (5/8/10) against the Cedar Rapids Roller Girls, I created this promoting it. 
Featuring Toxic Sugar, Ho, Furyis, and the Stork, footage from Four Leaf Clobber (3/13/10 vs Paper Valley Flying Squirrels) by Tim Blood, edited by me.

I often help John Pemble with his video pieces, and at 80/35 this year (7/3&4/10) I helped flip and edit an interview with Spoon

At 80/35 we also talked to William Elliott Whitmore and Cashes Rivers, both Iowa musicians. 
Filmed and edited by myself and John Pemble

"wakeup." A video piece I made for an Intermedia class Spring 2010. I sought to recreate a state of dreaming, or a disoriented feeling of not know whether your sleeping or awake. I used footage from my daily life from a first person point of view, and manipulated it together using glitch techniques and other filters to create a smooth transitioning mashup.