Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nights Before Boutday...

Two sleeps before bouting, and all through derbyhaus,
rank smelling gear could kill a small mouse.

The WFTDA patches were sewn on the jerseys with care,
with hopes that the rankings would give them their share.

Cats laid on boutfits, strewn all over my bed,
while visions of lead jams played out in my head.

From Animal's room you could hear a tap-tap
as she pretended to sleep while playing the words with friends app.

When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter
I stumbled over my gear bag to see what was the matter.

Into a dark corner Henry ran with a flash,
and James flopped around, belly up, unabashed.

Spotting the table where clean bearings lay
made my stomach flop, remembering bout day.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a tiny unicorn with a gender unclear.

With a missing horn and a cape full of sparkles,
I knew at once that it must be 'parkles.

My nerves Herm noticed but gave me no blame,
but reminded me of my team, and called them by name.

There's BatR, and Baker, and Sugar and Jen.
Goldie, and Fi, Jane Bang, and then...

Pains, Animal, Trip, Glad, Lucy and Red,
they are all there for you- get out of your head!

On the line, with strong walls, at the front of the pack,
there are plenty of blockers, who've all got your back.

Around the track you will speed, over the apex you'll fly,
When you meet with an obstacle, you'll never say die....

(to be continued)

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