Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MIR vs Rockford

With unlimited funds and time, I would try to make every bout possible, and watch as much derby as I could, but I can't. It's nice to have extra eyes in the derby world, so here's another bout recap by Dave Schrader. He would be the one front and center trackside, behind a camera. I believe he's been to every one of our bouts since early last season, and makes it to many others. Someone should sponsor him to at least pay for the gas he burns, driving from Illinois and even following us on our three week bender to Madison and Des Moines. Earning his superfan status, he sat with us during Championals in Chicago last November to watch some topnotch derby. It's exciting to find people who follow roller derby like it was football or baseball. Plus I think we love anyone who takes great pictures. Here's his bout recap of the Mid Iowa Rollers against the Rockford Rage Ragdolls from April 2nd.

Mz Lolli Pop Ya, lead jammer.
Bout was held at Rockford's Indoor Sports Center, so Rockford wore black and MIR wore blue. There were no outside pack refs so they didn't ruin any photos, and four (or five?) inside. I was singled out by the announcer before the bout because I was the only person in suicide seating along the second straightaway (he tagged me during second period as well because I was showing enthusiasm). DD Hunter was out with an injury so she worked as jam timer and I later complimented her on doing everything properly as far as I could tell. The crowd was a little smaller than the Rage bouts usually draw.

Jamming for Rockford was split between Meeso Thorny (15), Barbie Got Back (10) and Pow Bella (10) with Short Fuse wearing the star for 5 jams, Red Hot Chili Mama 3, and Taryn Skulz 2 (once with a penalty that carried over). MIR relied heavily on Mz Lolli Pop Ya (17) and Vyolent Grimm (16), although RayNa OutRAGE jammed 4 times in the first period (0 in second), Anna Killakova 7, and Wonton Hammer once in second period. Lead jammer status was split evenly between both teams; first period 10/10 and second period 9 RR, 10 MIR. Jammer penalties were first period Rockford 3, MIR 4, and second period was RR 1 MIR 2. Both teams were missing a few skaters due to injuries.

First period started out with Meeso Thorny getting lead jammer and calling it off with 3 points. This brought our first official time out because the scoreboard and game clock reset to zero. Kudos to the DJ for playing the Imperial March from Star Wars during official time outs. MIR's RayNa OutRAGE got lead status in the second jam but called it off because Barbie Got Back was on her heels as they approached the pack. Rockford held lead jammer for the next three jams with Pow Bella scoring a grand slam when Anna Killakova took MIR's star to the penalty box where she was joined by two of her blockers. Rayna finally put MIR on the board in jam five and it was 12-3 Rockford, but RayNa was sent to the sin bin at the end of the jam. Barbie Got Back came out for Rockford's power jam and scored two grand slams before being sent to the box herself (both jammers penalized, take a drink), thus releasing RayNa to score her own grand slam and earn another penalty (both jammers in box, drink), making the score 25-8 for Rockford.

Meeso Thorny slipping by Anna Killakova
Both jammers started in the box (I've seen this before and it still confuses me, although Barbie was standing) and Barbie pushed Rockford further ahead to make it 34-8. The ladies in blue then shook off the travel doldrums, got used to the track, or figured out the Ragdolls' defense because this is when they got their game on. MIR attained lead jammer status five of the next six jams and held Rockford to only one point while scoring 21, so it was 35-29 and we had a real contest. It was four-and-done, rinse, repeat. Jam 14 saw Barbie and the Ragdolls break the cycle by getting lead jammer and 2 points. Pow Bella picked up 1 point for Rockford to Vyolent Grimm's 3 for MIR (38-32) but she also caught a penalty and took the black star to the box. Lolli Pop Ya racked up14 points in the power jam to put MIR ahead 38-46 (lead change, take a drink). Red Hot Chili Mama wore the star (first time tonight) for Rockford in Jam 17, got lead, 4 points, and called it. Jam 18 saw Meeso Thorny facing Anna Killakova, Meeso got lead and the referees called the jam dead leaving it 42-46 MIR. An official time out ensued, so we heard the Imperial March again. Jam 19 had the same lineup, with Meeso gaining lead jammer again and Anna taking the blue star to the sin bin, allowing Meeso to score three grand slams to push Rockford ahead 57-46. Lead change, take a drink; official time out and we're hearing some disco crap. MIR came back solid, with Anna coming out of the box to gain lead jammer, as did the blue jammers for the next three jams, with the final jam of the half showing Lolli Pop Ya racking 14 and Short Fuse heading to the box with the Rockford star, allowing MIR to pull ahead 62-66 (lead change, drink).

The second period began with MIR's Vyolent Grimm getting the L but calling the jam because Meeso was hot on her booty as they approached the pack. Barbie Got Back got the lead in jam 2, hit 4 and quit to tie the bout at 66. Lolli Pop Ya came back with a mirror performance to make it 66-70 MIR. Red Hot Chili Mama faced off against Vyolent in jam 4 and we witnessed a stunning display of blocker prowess as neither jammer was able to complete her initial pass. We had two minutes of blockers cycling back in front of the jammer and blockers knocking jammers out of bounds while staying upright, in play, and slowing to a stop to force the jammer to reenter behind the pack. It was solid, solid defense. Points and lead jammer status were traded for the next two jams, and then Jam 7 saw Pow Bella pull the Ragdolls ahead 80-77 (drink) and tried to call off the jam, earning a minor penalty because she wasn't lead jammer. MIR got lead jammer the next three jams but wasn't able to prevent Rockford from scoring so they held their lead 89-81. Rockford earned the L two of the next three jams, but the third saw Vyolent Grimm score a grand slam over Pow Bella to close the gap to five points (93-88 Rockford). Rockford got lead the next three jams and held MIR scoreless to break the century mark (108-88) and stretch their lead to 20 including a jam in which Vyolent Grimm took MIR's star to the box and Barbie picked up 10. Lolli Pop Ya got 9 back on the next jam to show MIR wasn't out of the game.
Lots of action shots of Vyolent Grimm who looks like she skated her butt off in this bout.
I didn't note the jam in which it happened, but one second period jam saw the MIR jammer spend the entire time trying to get past Barbie Got Back while she was blocking. Barbie had it going on and life was hard under the blue star. Taryn Skulz wore Rockford's star in jam 18 but earned a trip to the box although Grimm wasn't able to bring home any points. Mz Lolli Pop Ya came out for the power jam but only squeezed out five points, so Rockford still held the edge 108-102. Meeso Thorny was looking tired as she hit 'n' quit for 4 to make it 112-102, but we all know 10 points isn't an insurmountable lead. Barbie Got Back faced off against Anna Killakova in jam 21 with under three minutes remaining. Barbie fought hard but her fatigue showed once Anna collected her fourth minor penalty and took MIR's hopes to the penalty box. Barbie scored 6 to raise the Rockford lead 118-102, and Iowa called timeout with 33.6 seconds on the clock. Meeso Thorny lined up against Mz Lolli Pop Ya in the final jam. Meeso got lead jammer and, showing the same smile she always wears while jamming, called the bout.

The bout was fairly disciplined derby. There was only one minor injury and two stoppages for lost toe stops. MIR had 16 trips to the box to Rockford's 10, and that includes the 10 jammer visits from both teams. Meeso Thorny got lead jammer 10 of the 15 times she jammed, Barbie was lead 5 of 10, and Pow Bella lead 2 of 10. For MIR Pop Ya lead 8 of 17, Grimm and lead 8 of 16, and Anna lead 2 of 7, but three of AK's jams included trips to the penalty box. The derby half of the bar erupted in cheers when some of the sports bar's tv's showed a local newscast reporting on the bout; the soccer side of the house caught on as well although they might have been a little jealous.

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  1. "Jam 18 saw Meeso Thorny facing Anna Killakova, Meeso got lead and the referees called the jam dead leaving"

    This jam was called for obstical on the track which turned out to be part of Meeso's wheel.