Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time to hit it or quit it.

Life is keeping me busy. Between work, school and derby I barely have time to nap anymore(hah). School and derby are causing interesting conflicts between each other.. I'm doing my BFA project on derby, but one of my intermedia classes is during a practice... I want to skate my ass off at the one practice I do attend.. but I want to capture everything in film... I've enlisted someone to help me film, but if I don't start actively molding the direction of this project, it's going to fall apart.
I have a meeting with my advisor this week which has got me frazzled, and realizing that I don't have much so far. It seems my helper, Mr. Blood, if anything is going to keep me sane and focused. I need to create a plan, get interviews and start setting up the structure of how this video is going to play out. I have large hopes and goals for this project, but I need to think in small, short term goals if I'm going to get anything done.

Relating more to the derby world, our bout is less than three weeks away! We just set up a FUNdraiser with Coldstone Creamery, derby chicks selling ice cream and obtaining some of the profits. Quinn had me whip up a quick flyer for it..
So, I'm finally figuring some things out on photoshop.. hah. I think we'll being having our famous Jello Shot Night FUNdraiser as well. It was a HUGE success last time, and tons of fun. Our uniform tops are ordered, half time entertainment scheduled (hapkido performance!),  all seems to be well on it's way to the bout! The nerve-racking thing is that we play away two weeks later, and then another home bout April 3rd! I guess this is what a real season is like..  Last year we only had like four major bouts.

Well, I've got a lot to do the next few weeks! I'm excited and scared..


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