Friday, March 12, 2010

We're kind of a big deal...

Our first home bout of the season is Saturday and I'm pretty excited... At least I think so. I've been so busy and stressed out I've barely had time to even think about Saturday. (besides planning camera angles..) We've been working hard leading up to this bout, last week we had two fundraisers, and we've been PR-ing like crazy. I just unloaded all ten pre-sale tix I've had on me, so I know I've at least drawn more of a crowd this time, so I think overall this bout with be a huge success.

Oh, and in three weeks we do it all over again. Our next home bout is April 3rd! (Malice in Derbyland vs the Des Moines Derby Dames, their FIRST bout!!) It's exciting to have a real season this year. We've progressed so far as a team, I was shocked to see how many people attended the last practice, we've got a lot of fresh meat! And they're all wonderful, hardworking ladies.

All of these things are why I'm making my derby documentary, people still don't know roller derby is out there. I want to get the word out, and I want people to realize we are strong, hardworking ladies who don't take ourselves too seriously, but take derby as a SPORT, seriously.

So, I hope you're coming out this Saturday to see us kick some Flying Squirrel tail, and if not, we have plenty more scheduled! (check out our calendar at

If you see me, remind me to eat something.. I seem to always forget that bout day. I'll be scrambling around all day trying to do two things at once, and then it'll finally hit me. I'll wanna puke a little, tremble my first time on the jam line, but then it'll be CLOBBERIN' TIME!


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  1. Hip-checkin' & squirrel-wreckin'!

    I am excited. :) raRwr