Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RDWC Week #3

Killer Baker works it out during some
Yeller core.

1) What about those push ups?
Well, for the past year we have made everyone on the team do real pushups. No girly pushups in derby! I feel myself getting a lot stronger now, and like I'm actually doing a real push up! hah. Its not just painful, I feel strong. 

2) Time yourself doing a plank for as long as you possibly can and post your time for question 2.
We had a plank challenge at pracitce before! I think I can do roughly a 4 minute plank. Old Yeller, the OLDEST woman on our team can do over a SEVEN minute plank, and really I don't think she had any reason to stop. 

3) What kind of surface do you skate on? What kind of wheels do you use?
We apparently skate on ice. We use the Coralville Marriott and its just a cement floor and kind of changes with the weather and dirt. Right now its winter, so the floor is cold and slick. On a good day its manageable, but sometimes its just awful. During the open scrimmage we just held for example, it was like a dog running on linoleum. In the summer it gets more humid and stickier. I don't mind it, we're used to it now. And my thoughts are if I can skate on the slickest floor around, I will be able to skate on anything else even better.

For wheels, my first upgrade was to the sugars since we do have such a slick floor. Then Bat R gave me some green omegas and purple heartless (i'm bad at remembering the names of wheels.. usually just go by color..) The Heartless were a little stickier, but skinnier since I'm mostly a jammer. 

Now I have four aluminum hub Poisons as pushers and just threw my worn out sugars as the other four. At the recent mixer I had a Poison/purple omegas(?) combo that I really liked. I really need to up my collection of wheels so when I do face stickier floors I will be prepared. 

4) Star jump or burpee??
OMG. I hate burpees. They scarred me during the Iron Derby Diva triathalon we made up last summer. Once you lose your momentum, you're just fucked. Star jumps aren't too bad, but I'm probably not doing the best form in my bedroom for fear of hitting the ceiling fan.

5) Name two members of your ref staff. Don't forget to thank them after your next practice scrimmage.
Well, why don't we just go over our lovely ref staff. 
Our core veteran group:
Lukan D'otha Way - Killer Baker's husband. Rule Guru. Been around the longest. Recently broke his ankle, so his contribution for awhile will be a rule book on wheels. 
Layne Rubber - originally joined as a skater.. hurt herself? and stopped skating. Stayed around to be our derby mistress and eventually strapped skates on again to ref. Will completely morph into a zebra soon. 
Zdork - at his year anniversary with us as Animal Mother started dating him and tricked him into reffing and later told him it wouldn't have worked out if he didn't like derby. One of my derby haus roommates and fiercest competitors in blood and thunder. 
Sac Lunch - Belongs to Devil'n Laces. Is becoming a derby gear connoisseur. Hooked up all our fresh meat with the appropriate derby gear/skates/wheels so that they start out the right way, and the safe way. Helped me get new skates this year and will probably send out a hitman soon to collect the rest of the money.  
Eject Ya Later - aka the Inzeemenator. Come on. You're proving its truth. Husband of Chemical Spill, very athletic and improved leaps in bounds in a short time. 

We got some newb refs who are already pretty great. Full Nelson originally joined as a skater for awhile last year and was a great merch mistress, took a hiatus from derby and has returned this year as a ref. Xbox, husband of Alpha who has been a longtime NSO and finally turned ref. Cheap seats who finally got up shakily on his skates and is doing awesome now. Dubs who is husband to Swiss Missfit. Darwin, recruited by Layne as first a boyfriend and then a ref. Then at recruitment we added long time derby fans, Bergus (aka something uranus), and Andy Brodie "Bruiser" who I think will be great additions to the stripes. 

Our zebras along with some visiting refs who came out for the open scrimmage January 16th.

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